Wonder Woman Hairstyles You Can Pull Off

Have you ever seen “Wonder Woman”? If yes, we bet that you cannot help admiring their gorgeous locks.  The beauty in the movie embodies contemporary elegance, feminine strength, and contagious positivity, and they have become a role model for countless women and girls. Some styles their mane with intricate braids, while some kept it simple with a loose bun. No matter what style it is, they are equally fabulous. Here, we’ve collected some of our favorite Amazon-inspired hairstyles that are perfect to rock down the aisle.

Gal Gadot

Israeli model and actress first appeared in Fast and Furious but we had been going to get our girl crush quota filled again in 2017 when she returned as no other than Wonder Woman. This sexy Israeli was a making huge waves with this film which was tipped to be a box office smash. Let’s have a look at this gorgeous girl and steal her style.

Fishtail braids have always a hot trend, but with the new Wonder Woman film, this look has blown up thanks to that island filled with kickass women. The hairstyle is pretty simple but enough to make a statement. If you have known how to fishtail braid, just a little bit of extra practice on this technique should have you ready to go out and live bravely like Wonder Woman and look a bit like her too!

Who says that superheroes can’t be feminine? Gal Gadot’s hair look goes to prove that you can be both strong and feminine female superhero at the same time.

Take a closer look at this photo. You can see that the major factor that contributes to her feminine look is her long luscious curls that balance her strong battle costume. The long loose wavy hair is so stunning, it cascades her shoulder, creating a sense of sexiness. For those with short hair, little extra hair extensions might be all you need to master the powerful Wonder Woman look.

Another hair locks that inspire us so much is Diana’s ponytail. Most of time, the Wonder Woman gets her locks falling. But there one time, we see her in a neat ponytail. It helps draw attention to her face, flaunt her complexion and show off her natural beauty.

Gal Gadot is always the talk of the town both on and off-screen.  Here we see the actress adorned the look with a white and silver headpiece. As gorgeous as the hair accessory, it was made even more pop by what was hiding underneath it: a fun simple but chic hairstyle. It’s a kind of low ponytail that is created a fashionable take. Her hairstylist wrapped the hair around the base of the pony for a polished look and then finished by twisting the hair into a braid.

Connie Nielsen

Despite many rumors linking a number of other A-listers with the role of the Amazon queen, Danish actress Connie Nielsen has snagged the coveted part as Hippolyta. We are going to love her long luxurious mane with loose waves so much. Especially, the tiara adds a more powerful touch to the Queen locks.

Robin Wright

Being General Antiope in Wonder Woman, Robin Wright makes a strong impression with her long gorgeous hair. Different from Gal Gadot and her mother, Robin pulls her hair back for these battles. And the special Antiope Headpieces which is made up of pure plastic adds more dimension to this look. Powerful and fierce, General Antiope is a real wonder woman that many people have to scare and admire.  

So, Macsara Hair has already displayed Wonder Woman hairstyles. As you can see, they are simple but impressive enough. We cannot tell you how to get their power but we can tell you how to get the killer hairdo. Tell us the one you favor and we will tell you the secret under it.