Wonder Women: The Most Charming Hairstyles Of Gal Gadot

Who is Gal Gadot? Born 30 April 1985, Gal Gadot Varsano is an Israeli model and actress, who not only is famous for the talent but also the beauty. Gadot took the first step into the entertainment world by being crowned Miss Israel 2004 at the age of 18, and 2 years later she got the first international film role as Gisele Yashar in Fast & Furious 2009, which she reprised in subsequent installments of the film franchise. The actress then went on to earn more worldwide fame for playing Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, beginning with 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then the solo movie Wonder Woman and Justice League (2017). Indeed, the role of Wonder Woman is really a breakthrough in her career, among the readers here, who are unaware of the beautiful DC superwoman? And for those who are fans or just supporters of the actress, you must know that she is not only famous for her talent and beautiful appearance, but also with fashionable and attractive fashion styles, combined with modern and extremely elegant hairstyles. Here, in this post, let’s join Macsarahair getting to know more about Gal Gadot hairstyles, the most fabulous hairstyles of her, etc. And you may get inspired for your next salon appointment!

Elegant Slicked Back Twisted Ponytail

Gal Gadot opted for a slicked-back twisted bun hairstyle while attending the 74th Golden Globe Awards. A neat hairstyle paired with an elegant silver and black sequin dress is a perfect combination to show off all her most alluringness, from the plump breasts and elegant high neck to attractive facial features.


Gal Gadot appeared all-smiled at the ‘Wonder Women’ LA Premiere in a sparkling ruby gown and the hair is styled in a simple high bun. It can be seen that the actress quite favored the simple style because most of her appearances before the media, our Hollywood star often chooses for herself the elegant minimalist styles combined with not too sophisticated hairstyles and gentle natural makeup. These styles are not difficult to imitate, so you can fully learn Gal Gadot to be able to shine and stand out on your own important occasions, such as prom or wedding party, etc.

Middle-Parted Wavy Lob

Gal Gadot short hair has never been failing to stun people with its modern and stylishness. The Wonder Woman actress seems to be quite fond of the timeless lob hairstyles as she wears this style quite often in different variants. Who said short hairstyles cannot be diversified and are not creative? If you think so then look at how Gal Gadot “plays” with her lob hair and you will know that you were wrong. This picture is proof showing one of her hundred ways to wear her lob hairstyles. Gal Gadot sure knows how to show off her charm as she wears a shoulder-length middle part and medium wavy loose hairstyle and teamed it up with a black and beige halter dress – all perfect for ‘The Moms Present a Screening of ‘Keeping Up With the Joneses’ event.

Side-Parted Wavy Bob

With just a few minor changes, the Hollywood star made the lob hairstyle so much fancier. Some beachy waves and a bit of layer cut toward the hair ends are the perfect combinations to enhance femininity yet still ensuring looking chic and attractive!

Being a big star means having to appear in public a lot, you have to be prepared to appear in public with a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, with a carefully made face and trendy hairstyle. Makeup too much and too long, as well as often having to style the hair in many different hairstyles with heat or chemicals, causing many big stars to have bad facial skin and badly damaged hair. However, those who admire the Wonder Woman actress all know that Gal Gadot natural hair – despite many stylistic changes – still maintains an admirable strong appearance. And if you know Gal Gadot’s secret behind this, you will surely be shaken for an incredibly simple reason! That is, always let your hair dry naturally after shampooing and do not use any drying tool! Very simple, right? Keep in mind this simple yet highly effective secret to maintaining healthy hair!

Some more fabulous hairstyles of Gal Gadot

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